Truth Bomb By OVD: Military analysis and how to spot propaganda

 Hey Everyone,  As promised I'm writing about how to do effective analysis including military. I'm sure you've all heard knowledge is power and it is, but controlling it is power too. Company's like FOX or MSNBC are trying to control the narrative and spin things to fit that narrative. Look at the Classified documents scandal for instance...Fox says Trump was mistreated and did no wrong, Biden should be impeached and Pence is just a nice guy, leave him alone. MSNBC say Trump stole and hid documents intentionally, Biden just misplaced them and Pence is a good cover excuse for Biden. The Truth is our highest Elected officials are ALL mishandling our nations secrets and one intentionally. They need to create chains of custody and keep better track of these records in the first place so none of this happens again. But neither Network is saying that. Because they are pushing a narrative and spinning the story's to fit it. In other words controlling Information. Propagand

Truth bomb by OVD: Ukraine update and Tank talk

 Hey Everyone,   I hope you all settled back into your routines and are loving life. The major rains have stopped here and the PS5 rocks. I gave my PS4 to a fellow veteran that was considering a PS5 but wasn't sure about the PS system. He'll have a few months and is already loving it. I've been working on cutting down on smoking, It's hard but I'm making progress. I bought more food this month but am already broke again. So...lets talk about Ukraine....   The war hasn't changed much as the Southern front is all mud and the north is a WWI trench war. The Russians are slowly pushing around Bakhmut, but it's costing them dearly in troops and vehicles. They are losing an average of 500 men there per day. The Ukrainians about 100 a day. Those are my numbers by looking at many sources and averaging them out minus propaganda numbers. The Ukrainian numbers are close. They are surprisingly reliable as most nations spin numbers to look better. Russia is the opposite.

Truth Bomb By OVD : A great day

 Hey Everyone,  So this is going to be a quick post but it's all positive. So I woke up this morning and the rain had stopped. By noon the clouds where gone and the sun is now shinning. This ends our 19 days of straight rain. My pain levels are already going down. Which I really needed as it's been making it impossible for me to get any real sleep. Well I slept 4 straight hours this morning. I feel more alert and rested than I have in weeks.  Then I get a call from Gunny FlusterCluck(John) and he has bought me a PS5 and it will be delivered by next week. This made me and my online friends very happy. I won't be cut off and my gaming experience will be much better. This is a huge morale boost for me. Please show the love to John on Twitter and the like. He's also getting ready for his big move back to Michigan this Sunday. He's bought a new house and it'll save him and his brothers a ton of money plus they will be near family. So more good news. The weather break

Truth Bomb by OVD: Inflation and how to end it simply

 Hey Everyone,   Sorry I haven't been posting much. As you probably know it's been raining cats and dogs for 19 days straight here in California. It intensifies my pain from GWS and old injuries immensely. Also I've been getting the last of my gaming in and saying good buy to my gamer friends as I have given up on getting a PS5 and so my obsolete PS4 will be going offline soon. I will make an effort to get some posts out more often.   So what is inflation? It's when currency deflates in value causing prices to rise. The more money that is hoarded and kept out of circulation, the more it devalues. It can be manipulated by a host things from price gauging to holding commodities until the price inflates(ie decreasing the buying power of currency...inflation).   How does it effect the working class? Generally speaking our wages don't go up. So we are the most effected. When a loaf of bread costs $50 a rich person doesn't notice. A working class does. Even white coll

Truth Bomb By OVD: Ukraine update and the real scary question

 Hey Everyone,   I hope your Yule or Holidays are going/were great. So first I'll update you strategically on the Ukraine/Russo war. After the Russian lost Kherson the lines haven't moved much. That is mostly due to the weather that has been rainy and muddy.    The Russians have been throwing troops into the Meat Grinder of Bakhmut. Interesting fact. Bakhmut has been a fortress that grinds up enemy armies for a long time. The Russians should know this but are attacking it with human wave attacks and losing men by the thousands. North of that nightmare is a game of cat and mouse east of Lyman. It's still muddy up there so the action has been slower but Ukraine has pushed in a few more kilometers(KM). When the ground does freeze I expect 2 big things. One is the Russians will make another go at Kiev and it will fail worse than their first one. Crushing Russian morale and maybe collapsing Belarus who is ripe for uprising and wants to connect with the west. The second is a MAJO

MAGA(Nazi) Terrorists and what can be done

 Hey Everyone,    So I'm sure you have heard that MAGA Nazi terrorists are taking out parts of the power grid in their war against Democracy and the Constitution. North Carolina and Washington State were both hit cutting power to thousands of Americans during this winter storm front. Some Americans have died from exposure or health related instances from these terrorist attacks.   So what can we do? One contact your Representatives and Senators , let them know these terrorists MUST be dealt with. The FBI and other Federal Law Enforcement has to start taking these groups seriously. Not just putting them on a list. These Terrorists are all over the internet, threatening violence daily. They need to start really monitoring them and raiding their operations. Like they did to the hippies in the 60's and 70's. This "hands off " because they are white people needs to stop NOW. These are Nazi Terrorists and their actions are killing and hurting Americans. They need to com

Feeling hopeless Otto update

 Hey Everyone,  Well it's the 7th day of Yule and I'm out of food, out of drinks, out of smokes and out of hope. I'm so tired of it. Every month I have to struggle because I served this country and it fucked me back. At this point I just don't see going on. I live everyday in extreme pain. I wake up daily to my own screams of pain. Most days I live with food insecurities or no food. Most days I go without any human contact besides my online games. Now they are shutting PS4 service down and I can't afford a PS5 so I won't even have that. I can't think of anything to make me want to continue down this path of daily suffering. There aren't any good days ahead. It's only going to get worse.  -Otto