Truth Bomb by OVD : Blatant Corruption by Manchin and Sinema

 Hey Everyone,    So the backstabbing, evil and corrupt Senators Manchin and Sinema are in the news again. Killing all chances of "The Build Back better" or Infrastructure bill ever passing. They are against wind and solar power because they have received huge bribes (Called Campaign Contributions in the United States) from Big Oil, Big Coal and a bunch of Republican Super packs. These two truly evil and corrupt people are going to let the planet die so they can get rich from these bribes. They both claim to be Democrats but hang out with and support the Republican agenda and are even being bribed by them too.    What needs to be done...well make bribery illegal again for starts. This is the number one reason our country no longer works for the middle and lower classes(working people). I remember the days when the FBI would arrest corrupt politicians like them all the time. Both parties made bribery legal in the 1980's and 90's and the Supreme Court made that final in

Truth Bomb by OVD : Did R.E.M predict the end of the world in 1987?

 Hey Everyone,    So it's cold and damp here again. We had a 2 day break ish but now we are back in the hurt locker. I ate my last 2 pot cookies and smoked a super Otto joint and that got me feeling better. So I started listening to some music and doing my chair dance(it's one of the ways I keep my body moving...movement is life). Some 80's stuff I like popped on...some Inxs, David Bowie, Fine Young Cannibals and then R.E.M's "The End of the world as we know it. And I feel fine." came on and I heard it loud and clear...they said Donald Trump who was only known in NYC as a slum lord and a racist at that time(1987). So did R.E.M predict his rise and the end of the world as we know it? Are they the new Nostradamus? Anyways I hope you all are having a nice Sunday. Remember these are the good old days so enjoy them while you have them.  -Otto Von Danger SGT/USMC and Artist at Large  Semper Fidelis 

Truth Bomb by OVD : DoD vaccine requirements and the facts

 Hey Everyone,   So the right wing is going off about how the Military is going to discharge service members that refuse to get the FDA approved Covid vaccine. So here are the facts... FACT  The DoD already requires 17 other vaccinations. If you refused any of them you would be discharged.  FACT Over 5 billion people have received the vaccination around the world. There are no bad side effects. The few rare problems were all genetic and one in a milion. FACT The Military would be in big trouble if Covid broke out in the ranks. A lot of service members live and work in close environments. It would spread like wild fire...just like the Spanish flu did in WWI. Just the personnel you would lose to Covid death would decimate our military(decimate is a 10% lose) And the ones that survive will have the heart, stomach, lung, brain and reproduction problems Covid gives you. Creating a huge influx of Disabled Veterans into an already failing system. It would also do Hel on recruitment. Who would

Truth Bomb by OVD : Norway mass bow shooting

 Hey Everyone,   So there was an attack back home in Norway yesterday involving a 37 year old Danish guy who converted to Islam and has been radicalized. They attack is being characterized as a Terrorist attack but done solo. 5 were killed and 2 injured before the Norsk Police apprehended him. Norsk police don't normally carry fire arms but they did yesterday in case of similar attacks happened.    Of course American pro-gun politicians immediately pointed out that he used a bow and that guns were not the issue. Norway responded saying...had this terrorist been armed with an AR-15 or similar weapon the death toll would have been much higher...and they are right. I've bow hunted and killing 5 people is hard to do with a bow...and if he was that good he would have murdered hundreds with an assault rifle. Thank the Gods he had to use a bow. It's still horrible what he did but it could have been much, much worse.  -Otto Von Danger  SGT/USMC and Artist at Large Semper Fidelis

Otto Update

 Hey everyone,   So all this weather changing, cold and humidity is really kicking my ass. It was so bad last night I had to use Morphine and that didn't work well. I'm sitting here shaking in pain with a horrible Dope over to boot. I don't know how much longer my body can take this before it gives up.  -OVD

Truth Bomb by OVD : Will the American Republic fall in 2024?

 Hey Everyone,   As you may have noticed the Republican party(now the Nazi party of America) has gone full fascist. The rule of law means nothing to them and neither do elections. Across the nation they are filling local election boards with Nazis that think Trumpty Dumpty should win no matter what the vote count. On top of that sitting republicans are still spreading the big lie and spreading misinformation and straight up lies about our election process to try to give them cover when they try and rig the election in 2024. Trump will run again short of being incarcerated(I wouldn't hold my breath for that one) or death(possible as he's unhealthy, old and very hated). As he's making perfectly clear and 3/4's of the Nazis in the Republican party still support him and believe all the lies.    Now with Trump running we know anyone will/can beat him as people will vote just to vote against Tangerine Palpatine. Even Joe Biden was able to beat him solidly and he has a history

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